USA Mission

The Beginning of the Little Sisters in the United States.

Those of us, the Little Sisters spreading the word of our mission to the people of the United States, have the good fortune every day of meeting God in the new friends we make in this country, our home away from home. Our Franciscan heritage has allowed us to spread our wings across the globe and dare to live our mission wherever the Lord sends us. This we do following in the footsteps of our mother Foundress Mother Mary Kevin Kearney, who at the tender age of 28, dared to leave the comfort of her western country in Ireland and moved to a remote and undeveloped part of Africa in Uganda. Through God’s grace she managed to survive and stand up to the rigors of missionary life.


1. Sr. Marrietah Kilundo
2. Sr. Julian Oyoo
3. Sr. Jane Florence Athieno
4. Sr. Hellen Khisa
5. Sr. Celestine Kalunge