Eastern Region

Sr. Celestine Amogin

Regional Superior


Sr. Clare Apio

Councillor for Education Ministry

Sr. Melania Beatrice Arionget

Councillor for Health Ministry

Sr. Beatrice Nabutuwa

Councillor forSocial and Pastoral Ministry

Sr. Justine Namulabi

Councillor for Formation Ministry


Eastern Region is one of the three Regions in in Uganda.  It comprises of all the Convents of the Little Sisters of St. Francis found in both Tororo Archdiocese and Soroti Diocese.

This Region was begun as an Area around 1966. The first Area Superior was Sr. Lucy. She worked as a headteacher at Madera Girls while serving as an area Superior. She was succeeded by Sr. Charles Borromeo. The Areas were later changed into Regions during one of the Chapter proceedings. The first Regional Superior of Eastern was Sr. Angela Ayaro from the year 1989 –1991. Since then, Eastern Region has had several Regional Superiors in the following Order.

1. Sr. Angela Ayaro 1989 – 1991
2. Sr. Samuel Ibotet 1991 – 1994
3. Sr. Francis Clare Elimu 1994 – 1997
4. Sr. Crescentia Esaete (2 terms) 1997 – 2004
5. Sr. Laetitia Achieng 2004 – 2007
6. Sr. Crescentia Esaete (2 terms) 2007 – 2010
7. Sr. Kevin Nasirumbi 2010 – 2014
8. Sr. Sophie Akim (2 terms) 2014 – 2020
9. Sr. Jane Celestine Amongin Current 2020 to date

Eastern Region is located in the Eastern part of Uganda covering an area of between 208-305 kilometers from Kampala and 83 Kilometres from Jinja to Tororo, bordering Malaba and Busia Districts. The Regional House is located in Tororo town Nile road. We have got one initial formation House named St. Joseph’s Formation house situated in Pallisa District, Tororo Archdiocese.
For easy coordination, the Region is subdivided into three zones namely; St. Anne’s zone, St.Francis, and St. Clare zone. Each is headed by the Zonal leader. Currently, the Region has a total number of 109 Religious Sisters serving in 22 communities in the Catholic Diocese of Soroti and Tororo Archdiocese under the leadership of Sr. Jane Celestin Amongin and Assisted by 4 Councilors.

Regional Administration:

Sr. Jane Celestine Amongin:                                                                                                           Regional Superior
Sr. Justine Namulabi:                                                                                                                       Vicaress
Sr. Clare Petronilla Busingye Apio:                                                                                                Council Member
Sr. Elizabeth Aryonget:                                                                                                                    Council Member
Sr. Beatrice Nabutuwa:                                                                                                                    Council Member


Since our mission is to reach out with compassion to the marginalized, the Little Sisters of St.Francis Eastern Region is involved in Health ministry, Education at different levels, Social/Pastoral ministry, Hospitality, and Administration.

Apart from being involved with running the Institutions own by the Little Sisters in the Region, the little Sisters also work in the Diocesan parishes as Catechists as well as in government and private institutions. 

Education: The Little Sisters operate nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, and teacher training colleges. We direct the initial formation of young and junior sisters and teach in universities.  The Region has various Committees which support in the smooth running of
different Ministries. Each of them is headed by one council member and joined by other members in the region as indicated below:

Education Ministry:

1. Sr. Clare Apio                                                                                Chairperson
2. Sr. Melanie Beatrice                                                                     Vice Chairperson
3. Sr. Gorreti Apolot                                                                          Member
4. Sr. Salome Aguti                                                                            Member
5. Sr. Anastasia Anyumel                                                                 Member
Sisters Mary Salome Aguti and Goretti Aguti posing for a photo with their Girls of St.Mary’s SSS


A big number of Sisters under health serve in the Diocesan institutions as administrators, health workers, and finance offices as cashiers. Others work in own institutions owned by the Little Sisters and in private Hospitals owned by a group of individuals.

Health Ministry:

1. Sr. Melanie Beatrice Arionget                                                                                            Chairperson

2. Sr. Justine Namulabi                                                                                                            Vice Chairperson

3. Sr. Aarakit Magdalene                                                                                                         Member

4. Sr. Regina Namubiru                                                                                                           Member

5. Sr. Matilda Mugala                                                                                                               Member

A photo showing Sr. Jane Celestine sensitizing mother on child maternal care


Pastoral and Parish Ministry: The Little Sisters minister in parishes as catechists, counselors and provide general pastoral support.
Social and Pastoral Ministry:
1. Sr. Beatrice Nabutuwa                                                                        Chairperson
2. Sr. Margaret Itadal                                                                               Vice Chairperson
3. Sr. Kevin Agwang                                                                                  Member
4. Sr. Winifred Mary Agwang                                                                  Member

A photo showing Sr. Margaret and the bakers of Mama Kevina Bakery Budaka

Social work: We care for people with special needs, polio victims, orphans, the aged, the blind, hearing impaired individuals, street children. Insert a Photo of: Pastoral Programs

Formation Ministry: We train young women who having listened to the voice God and finished their University and tertiary studies come willing to embrace the life of poverty, obedience and chastity in the Spirit of St. Francis and Mother Kevin who were poor, chaste and followed in the footsteps of Christ their Master. This training is carried out at St. Joseph’s Formation House Pallisa.

Formation Ministry

5. Sr. Justine Namulabi                                                                              Chairperson

6. Sr. Dinah Aucho                                                                                      Vice Chairperson

7. Sr. Laeticia Achieng                                                                                 Member

8. Sr. Gorreti Apolot                                                                                     Member

9. Sr. Immaculate Amiti                                                                               Member


A photo showing Sr. Jane Celestine Amongin the Regional Superior of Eastern Region allowing the Candidates to take a step to postulancy.