Who is St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi

Francis a little boy born of a rich man Pietro Bernadine, lovely, lovely, interesting and well brought up, greatly interested in luxury and music, throwing parties one after another, enjoying himself and entertaining others. A young boy but full of dreams looking forward to becoming a knight, rich and highly respected, in each of the day, he eagerly awaits, prepares for this by participating in wars.”

“Struck down one night full of hope, he realizes his dreams are not real, shocked and wondering he changes his minds, his plans come to an end, a shock to many and he was scorned by many. What seemed a pleasure now become bitter, his way changes, he becomes very silent, He entertains less and spends time in prayer. He searches the Will of God daily. The Lord is kind and reveals His Will to Him.”

“His responsibility is to repair the church spiritually, he likes the Gospel and is Christ-like, he loves the lepers, cares for them a thing never heard of, he practices poverty quite extremely, Many think he is out of his mind. Oh! it was God’s Grace strongly working in him, he became an example to so many, he found the Franciscan Order, His fruits and efforts spread far and near, we the Little Sisters are his fruits.”

“Thank you Lord for this great man, Help us to love and imitate him, grant us a share in the Grace you gave him, may we one day rejoice with him, where he reigns eternally with you.”