Social and Pastoral Ministry

Caring for the elderly is part of our work

Social Work is part of our apostolate and chrism. Sisters care for the orphans, the aged, destitute, the physically handicapped, the blind, the deaf and dump, the refugees, the street children, the youth and disadvantaged women. We work in various places like:

  • 1 Orphanage home in Uganda and one in Kenya
  • 2 Providence homes in Uganda and one in Kenya-care center for the aged.
  • 1 Home and school for the deaf in Kenya.
  • 1 Refugee camp in Kenya
  • 1 Street children center in Uganda
  • 2 Domestic science schools in Uganda
  • 1 Vocational and Home craft management in Kenya
  • 1 computer Center at Magiwa Estate in Kenya and one in Nsambya in Uganda.
  • In most parishes we have women group activities.