Institute Leadership


The ordinary authority of the Institute is the Superior General assisted by a number of four Councilors elected to this office by the General Chapter.  These constitute the General Council and one of them is the Vicaress to the General Superior.  The General Council remain in office for six years.


 The current Institute Leadership Team 202022-2028:                 

  1. Sr. Rita Christine Nakitende                 Superior General
  2. Sr. Seraphine Amulen                Vicaress/Education Ministry
  3. Sr. Joesphine Nanyama                 Councillor/Healthy Ministry
  4. Sr. Agnes Everlyne Mutesi Mufumba                Councillor/Formation Ministry
  5. Sr. Wilhelmina Uhai Tunu                Councillor/Social and Pastoral Ministry

The Office of Institute Leadership is essentially a service to the whole Institute and the communities.  It is to lead the Little Sisters to become a truly Franciscan Family of one mind and one heart in the spirit of Mother Kevin, living in obedience to the Will of the Father, to direct and guide the Institute into the future, faithful to the spirit and mission of the Foundress. The Little Sister will serve in Government in the spirit of Christ who said: “Let the greatest among you be the servant of all”.

In the spirit of St. Francis, Superiors at every level are to strive to build, in Christ, a fraternal community.   In a spirit of love and respect for the Sisters, they will see to it that the Franciscan life and spirit as portrayed in our Rule and Constitutions is faithfully observed and regularly reviewed.

Due to the need to decentralize the administration of the Institute, six Regions were created namely: Central, Jinja and Eastern Regions in Uganda and West of Rift Valley, East of Rift Valley Regions in Kenya and North Eastern Region in Tanzania.  The Regions are headed by  Regional Superiors who together with the five members of the General Council constitute the Major Superiors of the Institute who are charged with the responsibility of directing the Institute towards its Vision and Mission .

The ministries of the Institute are divided into four and these are called Desks: Education, Health, Social and Pastoral and Formation.  The Council members are assigned the above ministries and they are the Patrons of these ministries.  They assist to coordinate all the activities pertaining to the particular ministries working in collaboration with the Regional Superiors and their Councils.